We are the most active HS Military History Club in Southern California!



New President of the MHC

Meet Mr. Franco Aguila, the second president of the Military History Club.

Memorial Day Ceremony 2022

The Military History Club hosted Hoover High's first ever Memorial Day Service.

Memorial Day Event with the Condor Squadron

The Military History Club was invited to participate in the annual memorial day flyby of the Condor Squadron

Marine AH-1Z & UH-1Y Tour

Touring the aircraft assigned to US Marine Light Attack Helicopter Training Squadron (HMLAT) 303, Task Force Los Angeles.

USS Essex Tour

Club members got an opportunity to visit USS Essex (LHD-2), Wasp-class Landing Helicopter Dock in service with the United States Navy.

Presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Ekchian, GUSD Superintendent

Turn-over Ceremony

Franco makes history as he became the second president of the organization.

The Camp Anaconda Commander: Military Career of Bgen Oscar Hilman

Club meeting with Retired Brigadier General Oscar Hilman, US Army.

MACV-SOG Webinar with Bruce Christensen

SOG webinar in commemoration of the 58th foundation of the MACV-SOG with a special guest historian.

Vietnam War: Lt. Colonel John Paul Vann

Club meeting about a brief military history of Lt. Colonel John Paul Vann, US Army.

The Army's "Big Fives" & Doctrines

MHC meeting about a brief history of the United States Army's Development program and its Military Doctrines.

F2F Military History Forum

Rm 2114

No more Virtual Meetings!

Awardees of the James R. Reimbolt Award - Top Members of the Club

Congratulations to Alex Khechumyan and Franco Aguila for their outstanding performance during the month of October 2021.

War Gaming Simulations using CMANO | Date: TBA

Club members will have an opportunity to use realistic simulations to visualize and analyze military matters.

Scale Modeling | Date: TBA

Club members will model nearly perfect replicas of full-size objects of notable machines from Military History.

Tornado TV: Join the Military History Club

Hoover Military History - James Reimbolt (USAAC) | Purple Heart recipient

During the Second World War in the North African Campaign, Hoover graduate James R. Reimbolt (Class 40') was shot down and declared missing in action over Tunisia in 1943. His brother John Reimbolt donated James’ Purple Heart to Hoover High for a museum to be built. The flying photo is of James Reimbolt in his P-38 Lightning.

Photo Courtesy: LA Times

What is the the importance of military history for the everyday citizen

"It is essential for any citizen in a democratic state to understand the history of warfare: how nations in the past interacted, made decisions, and faced consequences. With these tools we can create stronger leadership and be able to hold them accountable as an educated public." - Hoover Institute